Donation request submission

For the promotion of health care


Donation requests must be submitted by 15 March or 15 September using the form below. The request must align with the purpose of the Foundation. Any submissions that do not comply with these requirements will not be considered. Scholarships are granted only by way of exception. Other foundations are categorically not supported by grants.

The donation request must contain the following information:

  • Project summary (1 A4 page max.) outlining the project goal, approach, project participants, duration, and desired donation
  • CV of the primary applicant
  • List of publications

The Foundation will review the donation request submission in terms of its completeness and correctness. If the submission satisfies all the requirements, the applicant will receive the official donation request form for proposed research projects. The Foundation’s advisory board will then assess the project and submit it to the Board of Trustees for a decision.

Donation request submission

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