Pursuing excellence since 1971

The purpose of the foundation is to promote health care through grants to medical centres, hospitals, and other institutions within the health care system, as well as to individuals in need of medical treatment.

Two new professorships for medical informatics

The Helmut Horten Foundation is donating 10 million Swiss francs each to the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich for the establishment of a chair in medical informatics.  

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For 49 years, the Helmut Horten Foundation has promoted health care in Switzerland.

The foundation supports medical research, medical treatment, and nursing care. In the field of fundamental medical research, the organisation also promotes the academic work of students at Swiss universities. The institution was founded in 1971 by Helmut Horten. Since his death, his wife Countess Heidi Goëss-Horten has assumed responsibility for the business of the foundation.

The Founder

Helmut Horten
(1909 - 1987)
Founder and Donor

Helmut Horten was among the exceptional entrepreneurial personalities who brought economic prosperity to the Federal Rupublic of Germany in the post-war period. Always searching for projects that gave meaning and purpose to his life, Helmut Horten devoted himself to biological and medical challenges and the protection of human health.


The Helmut Horten Foundation supports scholarly research in the field of fundamental medical research conducted by young talents at Swiss universities.

In addition, the following three institutions are the focus of long-term funding.


Antonio Lanzavecchia
prof. dr.
am irb in bellinzona

A dynamic doctoral programme that allows students to work on their dissertations as part of one of the international IRB research groups. So far, more than 40 students have successfully graduated and now hold prominent positions in world-leading institutions.