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Discovered a switch that regulates inflammation, a study published in Nature

The cells of the immune system possess powerful weapons that are able to fight off the invasion of microorganisms, yet at the same time can cause collateral damage. In particular, the Th17 lymphocytes, which carry this name...more

Mechanism of migration of the inflammatory cells published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine

During tissue damage, the protein of the alarmin family, HMGB1, released from the cells, was shown to be capable of attracting cells from the peripheral blood and to start the inflammatory process which can be either positive...more

Prof. Renato Dulbecco, Nobel Prize of Physiology or Medicine 1975, former Member of the IRB Scientific Advisory Board passed away

It is with profound regrets that the IRB got to know that Prof. Renato Dulbecco passed away. Besides being a famous scientist, Prof. Dulbecco was a former Member of the IRB Scientific Advisory Board. Prof. Dulbecco together with...more

EU invests in a research with Brazil to fight inflammatory disorders, the IRB is one of the grantees

Takes place today in Bruxelles the kick-off meeting of the collaborative research programme – Targeting novel mechanisms of resolution in inflammation (TIMER) – which will accelerate the development of novel and powerful...more


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