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News, December 2005

The diagnostic process Establishing a diagnosis is central to medical activity. In general, a diagnosis must be made before starting therapy. To equip students with diagnostic thinking skills is one of the most difficult ...more

Horten-Symposium 2003

Decision-making in medicine International symposium organised by the Horten Centre for Applied Research and Science On 27th August 2003, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology...more

News, April 2003

Within the scope of the public event "Research Conference on Subjective Probability, Utility and Decision Making" of August 25th up to August 27th 2003 at the...more

News, March 2003

Sprained ankle 5% of all emergency-patients come to a clinic with an aching ankle, but only in 15% of all cases the ankle is really broken. To get the inflationary use of unnecessary radiographs under...more

Informationtransfer and -management in medicine

Informationtransfer and -management in medicine How far can new technologies in communication determine medicine? Which are the health-political consequences? Can the internet replace the physician?...more


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